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The Importance of a Furnace or Boiler Tune-Up and Cleaning

September 21, 2009

The Need for Furnace Tune ups

A dirty furnace or boiler can be very detrimental to the working capacity of the unit.  In order to prevent future damage, maintenance and cleaning is a must.  A proper working heating system will be more efficient, and create a longer life span.

Symptoms of a dirty furnace

You may have noticed that certain duct or heat registers aren’t heating efficiently, or maybe your gas bill is higher than normal.  It may be that your furnace needs a tune up.  Indoor air quality may also be a symptom which calls for your duct work to rotobrushed in order to clean them and clear any debris.

How often a furnace or boiler tune up is needed

Many suggest a yearly preventative tune up although at roger vadnais heating we believe every other year is sufficient in order to keep good air quality and to maintain an efficient system.

Cleaning your furnace or boiler

At Roger Vadnais Heating and Air Conditioning, we serve you with quality, professional employees that will have the know how keep your furnace or boiler working efficiently.  We also use top of the line equipment such as Rotobrush for duct cleaning.  Contact us at for all of your heating needs.

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