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What Causes Low Water Pressure?

September 23, 2009

Symptoms of Low Water Pressure

Common symptoms of low water pressure include but not limited to, slow running faucets, slow filling toilets, and well pumps running longer than needed.

Slow Filling Toilets and Water Faucets

Have you noticed that your toilet seems like it takes forever to fill? Or that your faucets around the house have weak pressure.  Or maybe filling your bath  tub is painfully slow.

Possible Causes of Low Water Pressure

Having bad water pressure can be as simple as a plugged aerator at the spout of your faucet.  In many cases, water pressure is misdiagnosed with water volume.  It may be that the pluming pipes in your house are filled with sediment.  In turn, the volume allowed through the pipes is minimal.  If you’re on well water, you may need your pressure tank re-pressurized which may be something that needs to take place annually.  Another possible cause when dealing with well water or well pumps could be a hole in the drop pipe.  This hole could be somewhere in the piping that connects to your well pump.

Possible Solutions

At Vadnais Plumbing we specialize in maintenance and repair of  all of your plumbing and well pump needs for over 100 years.  Visit our plumbing web site to schedule your appointment or call us at (651) 429- 3303.

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