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What Causes Low Water Pressure With Well Pump Water?

October 21, 2009

Symptoms Of Low Water Pressure With Well Water

symptoms of low or weak water pressure with well water or well pumps include slow running faucets/ toilets/tubs/showers, continuous running well pump, and constantly needing to pressurize the well pressure tank.

Slow Filling Or Running Plumbing Fixtures

Slow faucets, toilets, showers, and tubs can be a sign that there is low or weak pressure offered by the well pressure tank or the well pump itself.

Determining The Low Water Pressure Source

While it’s most likely the well pump or well tank, in some older homes with galvanized water pipes the walls of the plumbing pipes can be crusted with sediment therefore causing what seems to be low water pressure from your plumbing fixtures.  The water pressure problem could be a variety of things in a well water situation.  The well pressure tank could be water logged or it may need to be pressurized.  If the tank is water logged, it will need replacing.  Most newer well pressure tanks can only be re-pressurized one time.  The next place to look with be in the plumbing drop piping that goes down to the well pump where there could potentially be a hole.  This hole in the plumbing pipe could cause the low pressure because water is rushing out of the pipe while water is trying to go to the plumbing fixtures in the house as well. 

Remedies For Low Well Water Pressure

At Roger Vadnais Plumbing and Well Work we specialize in service work and fixing problems.  We have professional equipment that allows us to remove a well pump efficiently and safely.  For low water pressure problems or any of your plumbing needs call us at (651) 429-3303 or visit us on our website at


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