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Water Volume Vs. Water Pressure

October 24, 2009

The Difference Between Water Pressure And Water Volume

How can you tell the difference between water pressure versus water volume? Water pressure in a household is generally 40-60 psi.  The velocity of the water coming out of your plumbing such as toilets, faucets, outside faucets, tubs, hot water heaters, and showers is water pressure.   The amount of water exiting your toilets, faucets, outside faucets, tubs, and showers is known as water volume. 

The Causes Of Low Water Pressure Or Low Water Volume

There can be a multitude of problems that are associated with low water pressure and/or low water volume including plugged plumbing pipes, hot water heater problems, well pumps, and well pressure tanks.  Is there good water pressure from your faucets, tubs, showers, outside faucets, and fast filling your toilets but not mcuh water coming out?  The problem most likely is that the plumbing pipes in your house are filled with sediment and the diameter inside the piping has diminished in size.  If the problem is at a single fixture such as a faucet or a slow filling toilet, this means there is something internal inside of the specific fixture.  In some cases, the hot water heater has collected so much sediment that it starts clogging the inside of the hot water pipes.  In you’re on well water or have a well pump this can be a few different issues.  If the pressure from your faucets, tubs, showers is bad or the toilets fill slowly then the well pressure tank may need preventative maintainance.  Also, there could be holes in the drop pipe going to the well pump that the water is rushing out of causing the well pressure tank to not be able to supply ample pressure.

Bad Water Pressure Or Water Volume Remedies

How do you fix bad or low water pressure or water volume?  First, the problem will need to be diagnosed by a professional plumber in order to find the problem quickly and efficiently.  At Roger Vadnais Plumbing and well service we have been fixing problems and providing service to businesses and households for over 100 years.  For any of your water pressure/water volume, and plumbing needs contact us at (651) 429-3303 or visit us on the web at  

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