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Tips To Get Your House Prepared For A Vacation

November 29, 2009

What Household Precations Should Be Taken Before A Vacation?

There are certain household guidlines that should be followed before going on a vacation including precations with your plumbing, furnace/boiler or heating unit tune ups, sewer/septic, and water heater.

Preparing The Plumbing For Vacation

There are a variety of things that can be done in order to safeguard your household’s plumbing , and water and drain pipes before a vacation.  Start by finding the main water pipe shut off valve.  The main water shut off valve is on the pipe which most likely comes out of the floor near the water meter.  Shut off the main water valve and open all the house faucets and flush the toilets.  Opening the faucets and flushing the toilets get all the water out of the plumbing pipes.

The Water Heater also needs to be protected before a vacation.  The water heater can be turned to pilot lighting in order to save gas while on vacation.  If you know how to re-light the water heater then you can turn the gas valve off on the gas pipe and then drain the water heater at the water valve near the bottom of the water heater.

Additional plumbing that needs to be prepared for vacation is the drainage pipes.  If the drains are overly slow, especially in the basement floor drain, they should be cleaned or roto rootered by a professional plumber.  The reason is because the furnace/boiler or water softener will be draining into the drain.  If the drain is plugged and hasn’t been cleaned or roto rootered, there could be a back up in the house.

Heating The House While On Vacation

Where should the furnace/boiler be set during a vacation? Does the heat need to stay on during a vacation?  Keep the furnace/boiler heat at a minimum or 40 degrees.  This will help to ensure that there are no freezes in the plumbing water pipes, toilets, and drain lines in the house.  A furnace/boiler tune up is also common before a vacation.  Having a professional furnace/boiler tune up before a vacation will help ensure that the heating unit will be operating properly during the trip.

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