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What Helps Unplug A Plumbing Drain?

December 4, 2009

Symptoms Of A Slow Or Plugged Drain

Are the kitchen sink plumbing drains constantly slow or even so plugged that they need to be cleaned or roto rootered?  If the plumbing keeps backing up and the kitchen sink is painfully slow draining then there may be a plug or interference in the plumbing drains. 

Causes Of A Plugged Kitchen Sink

Why Does the kitchen sink keep plugging?  The size of the kitchen sink’s plumbing drain piping is only 1.5 inches.  Being that the drain piping is only 1.5 inches means that only very fine material is supposed to go down the drain.  If a garbage disposal isn’t used properly, and large pieces of food go down the drain, the kitchen sink drains may need to be roto rootered due to a plug or very slow drainage.

Remedies For Unclogging Kitchen Sinks

Should chemicals be used to help unplug a kitchen drain?  No, chemicals should not be put down the kitchen drain in order to unplug a slow drain.  At Roger Vadnais Plumbing, we recommend using Coca-Cola. It’s less expensive and won’t damage the kitchen drain pipes.  Too much chemicals in the piping can cause weakness and the pipes could potentially break while being roto rootered or cleaned.

If Coca-Cola doesn’t do the trick unplugging the kitchen sink drain, contact Roger Vadnais Plumbing at (651) 429-3303 or visit our professional website at  One of our experienced service technicians will arrive fully equiped with professional drain cleaning and roto rootering tools and machines that will allow for the kitchen sink drain to be unplugged.

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