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What Causes A Sewage Smell In The Laundry Room?

January 9, 2010

Symptoms Of A Sewage Smell In The Laundry Room

Common symptoms of a sewage smell coming from the laundry room include intermittent gusts of sewage smell from the laundry tub, floor drain, sewage or sump basket, or continuous sewage backups or plugged plumbing pipes or drains. 

Causes Of Sewer Smell In The Laundry Room 

The back draft smell from the sewer or septic system could be as simple as a lack of water in the plumbing drain p-traps for the laundry tubs or floor drains.  The purpose of the laundry tub and floor drain p-trap is to stop odors from entering the household.  In some laundry rooms or basements are sump baskets or sewage baskets.  It’s possible that there is an odor leak from the basket due to a poor seal, bad pump or a plugged plumbing drain.  A plugged plumbing drain needs to be roto rootered or cleaned in order to clear the drain pipe.  Floor drain and laundry tub backups due to plugged drains may be the cause of the sewage smell.  After the drains have been roto rootered the sewage smell will most likely be gone.

Possible Solutions

If filling the plumbing p-traps with water doesn’t fix the sewage/septic smell, a professional plumbing company will need to access the situation.  At Roger Vadnais Plumbing, we employ professional plumbers who have the knowledge to determine where the sewage/septic smell is coming from.  Our trucks are stocked with most of the parts we will need to fix the situation whether it’s roto rootering the plugged drains, or replacing a bad sewage or sump pump.  To schedule an appointment contact Roger Vadnais Plumbing at (651) 429-3303 or visit our website at


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