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Roots In Main Plumbing Drain Line

January 16, 2010

Symptoms Of Roots In The Main Plumbing Line

Do the main plumbing drain lines need to be roto rootered or cleaned every year or so due to a plug?  Overtime, roots can penetrate a plumbing drain pipe and eventually accumulate  thus creating a plugged main drain line.  A sign that it’s roots that are plugging the sewer/septic plumbing drain pipes is a tree over the area that the main line runs.

Causes Of Roots In The Main Drain Line

If a tree is located above the area that the plumbing drain pipes exit the house then there is a possibility that roots are in the line.  Tree roots reach for moisture, therefore, it’s natural for the roots to find the plumbing pipes.  Once the roots penetrate the sewer/septic drain pipe they can travel down the pipe.  Sewage will eventually build up on the roots causing slow draining or a plug.


If there are roots present in the main sewer/septic plumbing drain line they will need to be cleaned with a proper roto rooter machine.  At Roger Vadnais Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Cleaning we have experienced technicians with professional roto rootering equipment that can cut roots and clean plugged plumbing drains.  For any plumbing or sewer/septic problems contact us at (651) 429-3303 or visit our website at

Some of the cities we service include:

White Bear Lake, Vadnais Heights, Little Canada, Gem Lake, Shorview, Hugo, Lino Lakes, Lake Elmo, Dellwood, Mahtomedi, Oakdale, Pine Springs, North Oaks, Maplewood, Centerville, Roseville, Stillwater, Grant, Woodbury, Arden Hills, Willernie

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