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Repiping A Plumbing Water Supply System

February 25, 2010

Why Replace Plumbing Water Supply Pipes?

Is the water pressure or volume low?  Do the toilets fill slowly and/or the faucets run slow?  In many cases, the plumbing water supply pipes are supplying a low volume or pressure due to the diameter of the pipe which supplies the pluming fixtures.  Galvanized water pipe is a major culprit for this problem.  The pipes eventually start to narrow in size due to a build up in the pipes causing low volume being supplied to the plumbing fixture.

Determining if the piping needs to be replaced may take some process of elimination.  The low volume or pressure may only be isolated at a toilet or a faucet.  If the entire house is experiencing problems then all the pipe may need replacing. 

Another problem associated with low water volume is under sizing.  For instance, if the house has good water volume/pressure and just one bathroom has problems then the piping might be undersized for just the bathroom.

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