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Funny Furnace Stories: Stuck Blower Wheel

March 19, 2010

Funny Furnace Stories:  Stuck Blower Wheel.

A few winters ago, on a cold afternoon, I took a call from a landlord.   He told me that he owned a house which he rented to several girls, all undergraduates at a nearby college.  The furnace was broken and the house had dropped below sixty degrees.

I rushed over.  I walked through piles of college-student garb to get to the basement, where I found a relatively new induced draft furnace.  After looking things over, I pulled out the blower assembly, expecting to find a burned out motor.

Instead I found a snake… a big one.  He was wound all around the blower wheel, causing it not to spin.  Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the snake, he was dead–dead, dried and crispy.

I pulled what remained of the snake out of the blower and the motor worked perfectly.  On my way out the girls asked me what was wrong.  I told them that I found something in the blower.  They asked what it was…. I wasn’t going to tell them, but they kept pressing.  I figured that the landlord would kill me if I scared the girls out of the rental property.  They kept asking, and I gave in.  To my surprise, they said, “Oh, it was the snake.”  Turns out it was a pet that had been lost a few weeks before!!

Have your furnace cleaned once a year.  We’ll probably only find dust and dirt, but it’s certainly worth a check.  Cleaning a furnace helps it run efficiently and last longer.  In White Bear Lake, MN, call Roger Vadnais Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning at (651) 429-3303.  You can also visit our website at

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