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Water On Floor By Furnace?

March 19, 2010

Have You Found Water On The Floor By Your Furnace?

Water leaking from around the bottom of your furnace can happen for as a result of several problems.  This will help you to narrow down the cause.

First, rule out other potential sources of leaks, such as a nearby water heater, floor drain or pipe.

If the water is definitely coming from the furnace, it could be coming from the furnace itself or the air conditioner.  This is easy to differentiate.  If you are heating your house, it is from the furnace.  If you have been running the AC, it is coming from the air conditioning.

If the water is coming from the furnace during the heating season, it is possible that there is a leak in the condensate tubing or that water is leaking behind the inducer assembly.  If you are comfortable doing so, take the doors off of your furnace and look for water marks.  At this point, it is advisable to call a service professional.  It is always helpful to have the model number when you call.

If the water showed up when you ran your AC, it could have come from a few different sources.  First, look at the ductwork immediately above your furnace.  One should be a thin copper pipe, the other is a thicker pipe.  It is made of copper, but it should be completely insulated.  If the insulation is missing, new insulation may solve the problem.  If that is not the source of the leak, the water is probably coming from a clogged condensate drain or a mis-positioned A-coil.  Either of these problems should be addressed by a professional.

One more possible cause of water leaking from the furnace is that it is actually leaking from your humidifier.  Shut off the water supply to your humidifier.  If this solves the problem, your diagnosis is complete.  Call your service technician and be ready to provide them with the model number of your humidifier.  The more information you can give, the easier it will be to fix the problem and the lower your bill will be.

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