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Is Your Furnace Humming?

March 23, 2010

Is Your Furnace Humming?

If your furnace is making a humming sound but producing no heat, you could have one of a few different problems.  An even, consistent buzz is often an indicator that electrical components have burned out.

All modern furnaces contain at least one, usually two motors.  The inducer motor is a small motor located near a furnace’s burners.  The inducer motor is usually located behind the top door, if your furnace has two doors.  The faulty motor will be VERY hot to the touch.  Do not touch it.  It will burn you.  You may be able to determine from a safe distance that it is the source of the problem.

The other motor is the main blower.  This is the fan that moves air through your home.  Do not reach into the blower compartment.

Record the model and serial number of your furnace and call your Heating and Air Conditioning company.  Providing them with the information that you have gathered will help them to have the correct parts available.  By saving them time, it will keep your bill as low as possible.

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