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Why Doesn’t The Kitchen Sink Disposal Work?

August 11, 2010

Causes For Food Disposals To Not Work

Is the kitchen sink food disposal humming or not turning on at all?  In most cases failure of disposals can be caused by age, improper electrical supply or draw,  and improper materials lodged in the grinding chamber. 

Possible Solutions

If the disposal is humming and the grinding chamber isn’t working then there is most likely something from the kitchen sink that became stuck in the grinding chamber.  Make sure the electrical is either unplugged and/or turned off at the breaker.  If you are unsure of the electrical components, contact a licenced plumber to fix the problem.  After turning off the electricity to the kitchen sink food disposal, take a light and look in the grinding chamber.  Once the object is found, remove it. 

Another problem associated with the food disposal not working is improper voltage draw.  If the disposal is over-working the internal breaker may trip.  If this happens, there is a red button on the bottom of the disposal that will need to be pushed in order to re-gain electricity to the disposal.

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