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Winterizing Plumbing

November 30, 2010

What Household Plumbing Needs To Be Winterized?

Has the plumbing in your home or property been properly winterized?  It’s the time of the year in the White Bear Lake and surrounding areas that the plumbing pipes need to be winterized.   The outside faucets or lawn faucets and the sprinkling system are the main plumbing that will need to be winterized.

How to Winterize Lawn Faucets and Sprinkling Systems

Can you locate the shut-off valves on the plumbing water pipes that lead to your lawn faucets?  If the answer is yes – you can winterize your lawn faucets.  A lawn faucet should have a shut-off valve located inside the house.  These plumbing valves need to be shut off and the lawn faucet drained.   Equally important is the sprinkler system.  There should also be a shut-off valve located on the plumbing pipes inside the house for this situation.  A qualified sprinkler tech will need to winterize the outside portion of the sprinkling system.

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