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Dirty And Dusty Duct Work And Vents

December 9, 2010

Air Duct And Vent Facts

How dirty is the average household ductwork?  If the ducts haven’t been maintained or have never been cleaned at all statistics show that the average household has between 1-5 pounds of dust and inside of the dirty ductwork. 

How often should the ductwork be cleaned?  It is suggested that the ductwork have at least a basic cleaning every two years.

Do the vents and registers have dust and dirt on them?  The average home collects roughly 40 pounds of dust each year.  If you’re questioning weather or not the ductwork actually gets dirty, consider how much dust accumulates throughout the house and on the air vents.  This same dust is filtered throughout the ductwork.

If you’re ready to have your duct cleaned contact your local duct cleaner!

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