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What Causes A Plumbing Sewer Pipe To Plug?

December 29, 2010

Symptoms Of A Plugged Plumbing Sewer

Is there water coming out of the floor drain or clean-out plug?  The sewer drain may be plugged or slow and will need to be cleaned or roto rootered.  A clogged sewer drain will backup out of one of the plumbing drains in the building.

Causes Of A Clogged Sewer Pipe

Are there roots in your plumbing drain pipes?  One of the main causes of slow and plugged sewer drain pipes is roots in the pipes.  A large tree in the front yard can have roots that eventually seek to feed off the water in the drain pipes.  Other problems associated with clogged pipes are over usage of the drains, broken or shifted pipes, and frozen pipes.

Possible Solutions

A plugged or slow plumbing drain will need to be cleaned or roto rootered by a drain cleaning company with the proper roto rooter equipment that will  allow to clear the drain.

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