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How Do You know If A Plugged Pipe is a Main Sewer Or Drain?

March 6, 2011

Plugged Plumbing

A plumbing drain backup can occur in different areas or drain pipes around a house, including main lines and secondary lines.  Knowing whether the backup is in the main or secondary line is the question.  These backups occur when something is causing a blockage in the plumbing drain pipe from draining.    In most cases, the plumbing drain pipe will need to be cleaned or roto rooted.

Main Line Or Secondary Line Plug

Is the main sewer plugged?  A tell-tail sign that a main sewer is plugged is if the basement floor drain or shower is backing up.  In order to tell whether the plug is in that specific drain or the main plumbing line, flush the toilets.  If the backup gets worse, the plug is in the main line and will need to be cleaned or roto rootered in order to remove the plug.

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