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How Do You know If A Plugged Pipe is a Main Sewer Or Drain?

March 6, 2011

Plugged Plumbing

A plumbing drain backup can occur in different areas or drain pipes around a house, including main lines and secondary lines.  Knowing whether the backup is in the main or secondary line is the question.  These backups occur when something is causing a blockage in the plumbing drain pipe from draining.    In most cases, the plumbing drain pipe will need to be cleaned or roto rooted.

Main Line Or Secondary Line Plug

Is the main sewer plugged?  A tell-tail sign that a main sewer is plugged is if the basement floor drain or shower is backing up.  In order to tell whether the plug is in that specific drain or the main plumbing line, flush the toilets.  If the backup gets worse, the plug is in the main line and will need to be cleaned or roto rootered in order to remove the plug.

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What Causes A Plumbing Sewer Pipe To Plug?

December 29, 2010

Symptoms Of A Plugged Plumbing Sewer

Is there water coming out of the floor drain or clean-out plug?  The sewer drain may be plugged or slow and will need to be cleaned or roto rootered.  A clogged sewer drain will backup out of one of the plumbing drains in the building.

Causes Of A Clogged Sewer Pipe

Are there roots in your plumbing drain pipes?  One of the main causes of slow and plugged sewer drain pipes is roots in the pipes.  A large tree in the front yard can have roots that eventually seek to feed off the water in the drain pipes.  Other problems associated with clogged pipes are over usage of the drains, broken or shifted pipes, and frozen pipes.

Possible Solutions

A plugged or slow plumbing drain will need to be cleaned or roto rootered by a drain cleaning company with the proper roto rooter equipment that will  allow to clear the drain.

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Merry Christmas From Roger Vadnais Plumbing And Heating

December 25, 2010

2010 Christmas in White Bear Lake, MN

The employees and families associated with Roger Vadnais Plumbing and Heating of White Bear Lake, Mn would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  We would also like to thank you for another year of allowing us to do business in a great community.

It sure hasn’t been a dull winter thus far in White Bear Lake, Mn with the record amounts of snow and crazy weather.  It may be late for a reminder but it still doesn’t hurt to protect your investment so make sure your house is properly winterized and your lawn faucets are winterized asap.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Dirty And Dusty Duct Work And Vents

December 9, 2010

Air Duct And Vent Facts

How dirty is the average household ductwork?  If the ducts haven’t been maintained or have never been cleaned at all statistics show that the average household has between 1-5 pounds of dust and inside of the dirty ductwork. 

How often should the ductwork be cleaned?  It is suggested that the ductwork have at least a basic cleaning every two years.

Do the vents and registers have dust and dirt on them?  The average home collects roughly 40 pounds of dust each year.  If you’re questioning weather or not the ductwork actually gets dirty, consider how much dust accumulates throughout the house and on the air vents.  This same dust is filtered throughout the ductwork.

If you’re ready to have your duct cleaned contact your local duct cleaner!

Roger Vadnais Duct Cleaning

December 5, 2010

White Bear Lake Furnace and Duct Cleaning Company

Being a local White Bear Lake company, we at Roger Vadnais Plumbing and Duct/Drain Cleaning have to stand behind our work.  Our duct cleaning division is a great example of the quality work we perform.  If you’re looking for a in and out duct cleaning job, don’t mind calling.  We use top of the line equipment and take the necessary time to clean the ductwork thoroughly. 

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Winterizing Plumbing

November 30, 2010

What Household Plumbing Needs To Be Winterized?

Has the plumbing in your home or property been properly winterized?  It’s the time of the year in the White Bear Lake and surrounding areas that the plumbing pipes need to be winterized.   The outside faucets or lawn faucets and the sprinkling system are the main plumbing that will need to be winterized.

How to Winterize Lawn Faucets and Sprinkling Systems

Can you locate the shut-off valves on the plumbing water pipes that lead to your lawn faucets?  If the answer is yes – you can winterize your lawn faucets.  A lawn faucet should have a shut-off valve located inside the house.  These plumbing valves need to be shut off and the lawn faucet drained.   Equally important is the sprinkler system.  There should also be a shut-off valve located on the plumbing pipes inside the house for this situation.  A qualified sprinkler tech will need to winterize the outside portion of the sprinkling system.

If you have trouble shutting off an old plumbing valve or any other plumbing problem contact Roger Vadnais Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning of White Bear Lake at (651) 429-3303 or visit us online at

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Happy Thanksgiving From Roger Vadnais Plumbing and Heating

November 26, 2010

The employees and families of Roger Vadnais Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning of White Bear Lake would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Remember, it’s to the point where outside faucets should be properly winterized in order to avoid any unnecessary frozen or broken plumbing pipes. 

Thank you and enjoy the holiday!

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